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Meet The Team

Matt Jennis McDermott
Matt Jennis McDermott
Library Assistant & Sales

Matt is responsible for GAP Interiors photographer's submissions, quality checking the new houses as they come in before making the selections and ordering them for the website to give that real "walk through" feeling to the homes.

Matt works closely with Kirsty to create and distribute our interiors marketing mailers. He is the king of innuendo.

In his spare time Matt enjoys watching Netflix, having drinks with friends and going out to comedy shows and gigs. He loves Formula One Racing.
Random Fact: "I don't like chocolate, it's not that I'm allergic, I just don't like it - I know I'm odd "
Iben Lund Gladman
Iben Lund Gladman
Founder & Director

Alongside the daily management of the team here at GAP Interiors, Iben negotiates rates, providing quotes for our clients.

Iben works with photographers especially at the initial point of contact and is responsible for their contracts. She has a great eye for design, especially Scandinavian style.

In her spare time she loves spending time finding interesting objects and especially preloved items in antique shops, galleries and markets in Essex, Brighton or oversees - wherever she goes.
Random Fact: "I regularly have to invest in an additional suitcase when travelling home from abroad to fit a find! "
Trevor Jennis McDermott
Trevor Jennis McDermott
Founder & Director

Trevor and Iben co-founded GAP Interiors in 2009. Trevor develops and maintains the bespoke website created for GAP clients, photographers and staff.

An important part of Trevor's work involves visiting clients and gathering briefs for their feature requirements.

He has spent more than 10 years restoring two old houses taking inspiration from the GAP Interiors collection but has a love-hate relationship with DIY.

In his spare time Trevor loves spending time in Edinburgh; his home-from-home.
Random Fact: "I enjoy using my own potters wheel, it's a great way to switch off after a day at the computer. "
David Gladman
David Gladman
Accounts & Bookkeeping

David handles all the payments, in and out of the company - he also fills in tax forms - LOTS of tax forms. But David had a very different job many years ago; he was a fashion model for 7 years, and worked for his family business in music retail and technology sales.

David has been with GAP since the start and has watched it - and his own workload grow.

He is still fascinated by the speed with which we can communicate with our clients across the globe and enjoys problem solving with different countries and systems.

In his own time, David plays the drums and enjoys gardening and walking his dog, Buddy.
Random Fact: "I speak fluent Danish"
Kirsty McNeil
Kirsty McNeil
Freelance Writer & Keyworder

Kirsty has been a freelancer for GAP Interiors for over ten years. She writes some of the text for our stunning interiors features.

Kirsty has experience on both sides of the business. She was a feature writer and picture editor for magazines and newspapers previously and has also worked as a picture researcher for other libraries.

She recently purchased an original 1960s bespoke kitchen from a second hand seller and has completely reshaped her own kitchen to install it. She loves walking, as long as there's a pub on route, and is a keen bird watcher.
Random Fact: "Since working for GAP Interiors, I've definitely rearranged my furniture more often. "
Head of Barketing

Buddy is the newest and youngest member of the GAP Interiors team. As well as being head of barketing he is also manager of treat negotiations and in charge of cuteness control.

He is very strict and insists on employee well-being by coming into the office and being a dog.

He will do most things for you if you have a treat in your pocket and is a highly valued member of staff.
Random Fact: "I'm a total carrot-cruncher. "



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