Your Home Photographed

Are you proud of your home?

Colourful Living Room © GAP Interiors/Ingrid Rasmussen

Colourful Living Room © GAP Interiors/Ingrid Rasmussen

Hidden underneath the paint on your living room’s walls there are various ‘tester’ patches, you’ve spent days deciding which kitchen tiles to opt for, agonized over the right fabric for the curtains, lurked on eBay waiting for the last minute to bid on that antique dresser, and now, finally, you think you might have reached the end of ‘project home’ (for now at least!). If you love your home, and want to share its stylish interiors with the rest of the world, why not have it photographed professionally?

Whether it’s big or small, period or modern, and whatever your chosen style, the chances are there’s a company or publication out there just looking for pictures of a home like yours. Does it have to be perfect? No. Specialist photographers are adept at dealing with low light levels, playing down just how ‘well-loved’ furnishings are, and have even been known to edit out a light switch that’s marring an otherwise perfect scene. Also, if there are items you live with that just aren’t all that pretty, you can always move them out of shot – photographers often bring stylists with them to expertly adorn and arrange each space before shooting. The best thing is, having your house photographed in this way carries no charge to you at all, you simply have to welcome the photography crew into your home for the day.

But why would you choose to share your home with the world? Well, for starters, it might be because you’re just so proud of what you’ve achieved – and justifiably so, many homes are a labour of love for their owners. Having your carefully-chosen interiors appreciated by like-minded enthusiasts can be such a wonderful boost to your decorating confidence. Imagine being able to tell family and friends that pictures of your property were included in a coffee table book, used for an advertising campaign, or published in a homes publication. Keeping a copy is a great memento too!

The other major driver is to subtly promote a business. Perhaps you’re an artist, and your work adorns the walls in your home? If a company or publication is happy to include contact details for you, you could be reaching thousands of potential new customers. Some other types of relevant business also warrant a bit more focus in any accompanying text, for example if you’re an interior designer by trade, or you make/upcycle furniture or accessories. You won’t be given free rein to add in a bunch of sales speak, but since subtle is best in this kind of marketing communication, you should still be pleased with the resulting PR that is achieved for your business. If your home is featured in an interiors magazine, don’t forget to highlight this on your business website and social media – to have a home chosen by a magazine editor or is to be given the big thumbs up in the style stakes, and that’s not bad for any creative business’s credentials!

Liz Hallam’s House – Tina Woman 2013 (Photographer: Douglas Gibb)
Liz Hallam

Pippa Smalls House – Evening Standard 2013 (Photographer: Alun Callender)
Pippa Small's House

Modern Nursery – Neues Zuhause 2013 – (Photographer: Douglas Gibb)
Modern Nursery

If you think your home is suitable please email 10x Low-res Jpeg images (illustrating all key rooms/features of your home) to [email protected] along with a brief description of you and your home – ideally detailing your inspiration, obstacles that have been overcome etc… If you are trying to subtly promote a business, please include details of this with your email.